Dario Barbieri

The Italian partner for your health-related content

a man with a smile on his face
a man with a smile on his face

After a BA in interlingual mediation, a MA in translation and interpreting, and a specialisation course in medical and pharmaceutical translation, I know translation like the back of my hand. I provide language services from English and German to Italian in 3 main areas:


Do you need a medical report or lab test results translated into Italian? How about a research article or a discharge summary? You’re in the right place!


Navigate the nuances of pharmaceutical translation with assurance. I specialise in translating documents for paediatric and adult clinical trials, ensuring precision and expertise.


If you want to expand your nutrition-related business in Italy, I'm the right person for the job. I have expertise in translating blog posts, newsletters, and product descriptions, particularly for plant-based companies.

MY Services

What can I do for you?


This is the service to go if you need a text or document translated into Italian. I can deliver high-quality translations of health-related content in the domains of medicine, pharma, and nutrition.


You've used machine translation to translate your content, but you're not quite happy with the outcome? Not a problem! Let’s bring it to the next level.

SEO translation

Every business understands the value of search engine optimization (SEO) in drawing potential clients online, which is why it is critical that translation for online content is also SEO optimised by selecting the relevant keywords in the target language.

English teaching

In addition to my translation services, I provide English classes and tutoring for native Italian speakers.


Translation alone doesn't make the cut; you must also have someone verify its accuracy and quality. After all, four eyes see more than two, right?


Check out some examples of my work

Rather than keep telling you what I can do, why not see for yourself? I've built a portfolio with a few examples of my work in each of the fields I work in. Follow the link below to see it.

Here's what my customers say

”Dario is an extremely accurate and reliable translator. He completed a medical project on-time and delivered a high quality job. I highly recommend him.”

- Bruno

”Dario's attention to detail is outstanding. You can notice he does his research before translating and uses industry-relevant terminology. His attitude is highly professional, he is proactive and delivers his work fast and on time.”

- Stefanie

”Dario is a competent, precise and punctual translator. I was very happy to work with him on a large translation project for a very important client. I will be happy to rely on his expertise again whenever the opportunity arises.”

- Marialuisa

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