What is a Medical Translator, and What Do They Do?

Medical translators are specialised language professionals who work on a variety of documents for the healthcare industry, medical professionals, and patients.


Dario Barbieri

1/16/20232 min read

Medical translators are highly skilled and trained specialists who provide specialised language translation services to the healthcare industry, medical professionals, and patients.

They have the necessary language skills, cultural sensitivity, and medical terminology understanding to accurately translate a wide range of medical materials.

But what exactly do they translate?

Here are some examples:

Medical reports

A medical report is a document that includes all of the details of a patient's medical history, diagnosis, and treatment. Doctors and other healthcare professionals use it to track a patient's health status and provide an accurate picture of their condition.

Medical reports often need to be translated when they are sent to another country. Ensuring that all relevant information is accurately conveyed from one language to another is critical in ensuring that any therapies given for a patient can be understood and followed by professionals who speak another language.

Medical certificates

A medical certificate is an official document issued by a medical practitioner or other health care professional that confirms the diagnosis and treatment of a patient.

This document is typically used for legal purposes, such as filing a claim for disability benefits or insurance. A medical certificate must be translated precisely and completely in order to be legally valid.

Discharge letters

A hospital discharge letter is a document issued by a hospital after a patient has been discharged. It contains critical information on the patient's medical condition, treatments, and drugs administered during their hospital stay.

In some cases, this letter must be translated into another language in order to effectively express the patient's medical history and care. This is especially crucial for patients who speak different languages or live abroad.

Lab test reports

Laboratory test reports are records that provide the findings of laboratory tests performed on patient samples. These reports contain crucial data on a person's health and are used by medical professionals to diagnose and treat illnesses. As a result, it is imperative that these reports be properly translated so that all parties can comprehend them.

Pharmaceutical documents

Pharmaceutical documents encompass a wide array of materials, from drug labels and packaging inserts to clinical trial protocols and research papers. Accurate translation of pharmaceutical documents is paramount in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Ensuring that dosage instructions, warnings, and drug interactions are faithfully conveyed from one language to another is not just about linguistic precision; it's a matter of patient safety.

To summarise:

Translating medical texts is a critical task since it ensures that accurate and meaningful information is conveyed between medical practitioners, patients, and other stakeholders.

There are many more types of medical texts that may need to be translated than those described above, either by necessity or by law. Choosing a professional medical translator is the best way to secure the best results.

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